WSC Foundation

Purpose and History

The purpose of the WSC Foundation (WSCF) is to develop and manage a fund to help ensure the continuance and high quality of the Winter Simulation Conference (WSC) Management of the Fund allows for (a) providing loans or grants from the fund to the WSC Board of Directors when the WSC Board makes such requests and the WSCF deems it prudent and wise to do so; (b) allocating assets of the fund to balance return, risk and liquidity; and (c) accepting donations to the fund and raising money for the fund as and when it is deemed appropriate. The WSCF operates independently of the WSC Board of Directors, and is also independent of the annual WSC Committees.

The fund was started in 2003 when the WSC Board of Directors undertook a fund-raising effort that was without precedent in the history of the conference. At the conclusion of this initial fund-raising effort, the WSC Board of Directors appointed an independent group of five trustees for the fund, who organized themselves during 2003-2004 into the WSC Foundation and developed the WSCF By-Laws and Investment Guidelines.  The fund was transferred to the control of the WSCF in June of 2004.


Current Trustees

Thomas Jefferson (President), Intel,
Dave Goldsman (Past President), Georgia Tech,
Russell Barton (Vice President/Treasurer), Penn State University,
Ricki Ingalls (Secretary), Texas State University,
Joe Hugan, Forward Vision, LLC,
Guodong (Gordon) Shao (ex officio non-voting trustee representing the WSC Board of Directors), NIST,


Patrons of the WSC

Donors to the Fund are designated "Patrons of the WSC," with provision for both anonymous donations and recognition for the following levels of support as specified by each individual contributor: Patron, any amount; Silver Patron, $125 - $249; Gold Patron, $250 - $499; and Sustaining Patron, $500 or more. In the case of multiple donations from the same individual, corporation or organization, the amounts of the donations are cumulative in terms of determining the category of donation. Individuals, corporations or organizations making a large donation will receive special recognition unless they desire not to.


Donations to the WSC Foundation Fund

Individuals, corporations and organizations are invited to become Patrons of the WSC. Donations are tax-deductible. Complete the donation form and follow the instructions on it (if you have any questions, please contact Russell Barton at

Grants and Loans

The WSC Foundation accepts proposals for funding special projects to enhance a WSC or to assure the continuance of WSC. Proposals for grants or loans from the WSCF must be prepared using the template provided, and submitted to the WSCF Trustees via the WSC Board of Directors. A funding decision will be made within 30 days of the receipt of a completed proposal by a vote of the WSCF Trustees.


Past Presidents

Robert G. Sargent, June 2004-2005
W. David Kelton, 2006
Thomas J. Schriber, 2007
James R. Wilson, 2008
Stephen D. Roberts, 2009
Jane L. Snowdon, 2010
Barry Nelson, 2011
Deb Medeiros, 2012
Matt Hobson-Rohrer, 2013
Dave Goldsman, 2014


Past Trustees

Voting Trustees
Richard E. Nance, 2004-2005
Robert G. Sargent, 2004-2006
Bruce W. Schmeiser, 2004-2006
W. David Kelton, 2004-2007
Thomas J. Schriber, 2004-2008
James R. Wilson, 2006-2009
Stephen D. Roberts, 2007-2010
Jane L. Snowdon, 2008-2011
Barry Nelson, 2008-2012
Deb Medeiros, 2010-2013
Matt Hobson-Rohrer, 2011-2014

Non-Voting Trustees from WSC Board of Directors
James R. Wilson, 2004
K. Preston White, 2005
Barry L. Nelson, 2006
David Goldsman, 2007-2009
Susan Sanchez, 2010
Douglas J. Morrice, 2011-2012
John Fowler, 2013
Christos Alexopoulos, 2014

Founding Trustees
Richard E. Nance, Past President
Robert G. Sargent, President
W. David Kelton, Vice-President/Treasurer
Bruce W. Schmeiser, Secretary
Thomas J. Schriber, Voting Trustee


WSC Foundation Fund: Patron Donation Form

Thank you for your tax-deductible donation to the WSC Foundation Fund. Under the direction of the WSC Foundation, the fund is being held and invested by The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) to ensure that your contribution is tax-deductible.

Please fill in this form as completely as possible and send to the current WSCF Treasurer:
Russell Barton
210 Business Building
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802

The categories of donation are:
$500 and above: Sustaining Patron
$250 - $499: Gold Patron
$125 - $249: Silver Patron
Any amount: Patron

In the case of multiple donations from the same individual, corporation or organization, the amounts of the donations are cumulative in terms of determining the category of donation.  Please indicate how or if you would like to be listed as a Patron on the Foundation web site and WSC program. You may elect to be:

□ listed in the category of your donation
□ listed in a lower category (please specify category ________________)
□ listed as “Anonymous”
□ not listed at all

First Name                                          Middle                Last Name                                                               
City                                   State/Province_        Zip/Postal                      Country                        

Payment option – check only:
Please make your check payable to “INFORMS” with a notation indicating that the check is a donation to the WSC Foundation.