Vendor Workshops

Morning Workshops, 10:00am-12:00pm

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Applied Materials - AutoMod WorkShop
Come learn about the AutoMod product, its use and flexibility to solve real-world complex modeling problems and learn why AutoMod has outlasted its competition for over 30 years. Come see the latest development plans that will drive the product for the next 30 years. The session will be interactive, fun and informative. For those from academia, come learn about the AutoMod Academic Program and software options available for undergraduate and graduate programs. Presenter: Dan Muller

Arena Rockwell Automation - Practical Solutions to Agent-Based Problems with Arena
For more than 35 years, Arena has set the standard by which all other simulation products are compared. Arena is the most widely taught simulation tool in academia and is used by more companies than any other competing product. In this session, we will present and discuss some recent real-world, agent-based problems that have been successfully solved utilizing Arena and how these methodologies can be applied in other commercial applications and academia.

Emulate3D - Know No Bounds: The Emulate3D Framework Approach
Emulate3D technology provides a framework within which users extend functionality using multiple languages. Emulate3D may be extended as users have access to Microsoft’s .NET® framework from within the script editor. Users may create external program assemblies using their favorite development software, and use them in Emulate3D. Catalogs are supplied as examples of what can be created using this framework, and are employed “as-is” by many users. Emulate3D facilitates custom feature scripting in several languages - Visual Studio is integrated into the product to enable C# and Jscript; two styles of ladder logic (Rockwell and Siemens) are included, as well as drag-and-drop QuickLogic. This introduction to the Emulate3D Framework provides a look into the application of each language offered, in contexts where each is especially powerful. There will be live demonstrations making use of various portions of the Emulate3D Framework to customize behavior and extend utility of components within Emulate3D.

Forio - DIY Online Simulation Tools for Business Education
During this workshop we will lead you through the techniques Forio has developed to build online simulations for use in the classroom. We will show you how you can leverage Forio Epicenter development environment to create simulations using drag-and-drop design tools. No programming skills are required. Presenter: Will Glass, Co-Founder and Senior Developer, Forio.

Numerus - Nova and NovaOL: The Newest, and Most Flexible Simulation Platform for Teaching and High End Research
Nova is a fully capable computational modeling software platform that seamlessly combines dynamical systems and agent-based modeling paradigms. Nova is ideal for the classroom, because of its easy entry and visual, icon driven, code-free construction of canonical educational models. Nova is also designed to facilitate rapid, accurate, construction of the most complicated hierarchically-structured, multiple time and spatial scale, simulation models, because of its patented novel and extremely powerful, hierarchical, code-module generating input-output chip architecture. Nova’s companion, NovaOL toolbox, allows Nova models to be effortlessly turned into apps that can be run in web browsers, or use web browsers as front ends to run models in the cloud. In this workshop, we will introduce the Nova platform and NovaOL toolbox to participants and provide examples for teaching and from our research work in epidemiology, conservation biology and genetics.


Afternoon Session 1, 12:30-2:30pm

Choose only one from this time group.

AnyLogic - Unique Capabilities of AnyLogic 7.2
We will build a logistics model and show the unique capabilities of AnyLogic 7.2, the leader in simulation modeling technology. The model will include mining, rail and sea transportation. We will use agent-based modeling technology; the agents will be created and parameterized directly from the built-in AnyLogic database. To demonstrate AnyLogic’s extensibility: (1) the transportation part of the model will use AnyLogic GIS maps for both routing and visualization; (2) we will also show how to convert shape files into GIS sea routes; (3) the mining part of the model will use the new AnyLogic Fluid Library. At the end of the workshop, we will showcase powerful new features of the upcoming AnyLogic 7.3 release. Speakers: Arash Mahdavi, Simulation Modeling Consultant and Tom Baggio, Sr. Solutions Architect

FlexSim - FlexSim VSM (Value Stream Mapping)
FlexSim VSM is a simple software tool for building and analyzing value stream maps in a simulation environment. It lets you test and evaluate current and future states of your system and visualize the ebbs and flows of products or services in the system. You can analyze system trends, consider variance in customer orders and delay times – and do it all in just minutes with automatic calculations and pre-built dashboards. Take your value stream map to the next level with FlexSim VSM. Presenter: Bill Nordgren.

Imagine That - ExtendSim - Part 1, Achieving Massive Results with ExtendSim
In this fast-paced world, if you're caught standing still, invariably your business will do the same. Instead of being reactive, use ExtendSim to be proactive and keep moving forward. Join us as we demonstrate how to use the power and flexibility of ExtendSim to rapidly generate quantifiable and significant results. In Session 1 of this workshop, we will draw from real-world situations in health care, supply chain logistics, and manufacturing to demonstrate how to use ExtendSim to represent the processes, resources, and operational policies driving the performance in these situations. Then, we will show you how to generate and use the results from these simulations to make well-informed proactive decisions. Presenters: Peter Tag and Robin Clark - Building the Communications Network for Simulation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit aggregating simulation results across analytical platforms. Learn how to leverage such packages as Crystal Ball, @Risk, Risk Solver and MatLab through stochastic libraries that may be shared throughout the enterprise. See how our open SIPmath standard enables interactive dashboards that can perform thousands of Monte Carlo trials in native Excel before your finger leaves the <Enter> key. The standard is open and non-proprietary. Learn how to connect to the simulation network now with your own software.

Simio - Teaching Simio Benefits
Why teach yesterday’s technology? Learn the benefits of teaching Simio! In order to provide the best possible education to your students, you need a tool that will provide the greatest benefits both now and after they graduate. That is why over 800 academic institutions worldwide use Simio! Come get a quick overview of Simio and learn how easy it is to make the transition! Simio’s versatility with supporting books and videos support teaching in engineering, business schools, manufacturing, healthcare and services. Simio offers grant programs, online training, workshops and a competition based on real business problems that will help give your students resume building experience. Instructor: David Sturrock, Simio VP Operations and instructor at the University of Pittsburgh.


Afternoon Session 2, 3:00-5:00pm

Choose only one from this time group.

Frontline Systems - Simulation and Optimization in Excel, the Cloud, your Own Web or Mobile App
If you build simulation or other analytic models for your company or clients, don't miss this workshop! We'll cover simulation and optimization in Excel Online and Google Sheets, full-spectrum analytics leveraging Microsoft Excel, Tableau and Power BI, analyzing data drawn from Apache Spark Big data clusters, and simulation and optimization in your own applications, using our SDKs and RASON® REST API on Microsoft Azure. We'll show how you can solve the largest industrial-strength problems, while spending less time and money than you expected. Attend this workshop to see how you can create your own Web app in minutes with RASON, or go from “Excel model” to “Web app” in seconds.

Imagine That-ExtendSim - Part 2, Achieving Massive Results with ExtendSim
Conventional simulation tools tend to adhere to a rigid modeling style. Wouldn’t it be nice if a single generic architecture could be used as the foundation for solving problems across numerous industries? In Session 2, we will demonstrate how to use the flexibility of ExtendSim and the power of its internal database to create a single modeling architecture to represent all of the different industry situations covered in the first session. Presenters: Peter Tag and Robin Clark

Simio-New Innovations: Cloud Computing, Real-Time Scheduling, Healthcare, and More
Simio now leverages the cloud computing power of Microsoft Azure to support your most demanding applications; compatibility with Schneider Electric’s Wonderware to allow detailed production scheduling with real-time data and risk analysis; and healthcare and other capabilities in the services field. Outside our immense technology partner advances, we have great new features, application areas and capabilities! Come explore an overview of the new Simio experience and see why we are always “Forward Thinking.” Instructors: Dr. Dennis Pegden, Simio CEO and Renee Thiesing, Simio Senior Engineer.